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Kilimanjaro Gear List

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa and though it is relatively an easy Mountain to hike up the altitude and the changes in the terrain calls for some special climbing gear, unlike normal hiking. We have made a list of some of a few essential gear and equipment, especially that a climber needs to know about to make an informed choice on what to carry and what not to. Not all gear in our list is necessary and so it is up to a climber to decide on what he/she needs and what he/she doesn’t.

Below is an outline of some few pieces of equipment, and gear for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

  1. Bags and Sleeping Bags
  2. You need a days pack that is better with waterproof cover.
  3. Duffle bag or Trekking ruck-suck with a maximum of 15 kilograms
  4. A sleeping bag a good quality one with comfort area up to -15 degrees Centigrade.

Of course, we offer all the other gear needed like the mess tent, sleeping tent, the cookers, utensils etc.


  1. A rain trousers and a rain jacket a baggy one to have a comfortable descent
  2. A warm thermal jacket or fleece
  3. Good trekking trousers
  4. A pullover
  5. Good quality waterproof hiking boots, not trainers. The boots need to be spacey to avoid painful/uncomfortable trekking.
  6. Good top and bottom thermal underwear
  7. Good quality hiking socks
  8. A neck protection or a shawl
  9. A warm pajama to sleep with
  10. Heavyweight warm gloves
  11. Long underwear or leggings
  12. Sun hut
  13. Gaiters can also be very helpful


  1. An insect repellent
  2. Lip balm/minimum SPF 20, and Sun lotion
  3. Elastic bandages
  4. A first aid Kit
  5. Your preferred painkillers
  6. Plasters and band-aids
  7. A gauze bandage
  8. Disinfectant hand wash or Dry soap

Other Gear

  1. You need Hiking Poles
  2. Headlamps with some spare batteries
  3. Toiletries and Toilet papers
  4. Snow goggles or Some good quality UV protection sunglasses
  5. A light travel pillow
  6. Ear plugs can be helpful
  7. Towel preferably a microfiber travel fiber towel that is quick to dry
  8. A whistle, and a Swiss army knife
  9. 2 water bottles preferably camel bags
  10. Packets of moist towelettes
  11. Duct tape
  12. Cotton trousers preferably loose fitting

There are other climbing gear and equipment that you may deem necessary so for your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and we do not object to you coming with them but you can also send us an email to ask for advice on whether you will need them or not.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing via Machame Route requires more gear than the Marangu Route because Marangu Route involves staying in Mountain huts while Machame involves Camping.


When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and you are not a regular Mountain climber/ trekker you may need some equipment/gear that you may end up using once in your life time and do not need them anymore. Buying some of them may seem expensive than hiring them for one time use.
Below we have listed some basic Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing gear that we can offer you for rental. The prices below may change without notice and are supposed to give you a rough idea as to the costs involved in hiring such equipment/gear for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


  1. Sun hat – USD 5 per trip
  2. Warm Hat – USD 5 per trip
  3. Warm Balaclava – USD 8 per trip
  4. Neck Warmer – USD 7 per trip
  5. Scarf – USD 5 per trip
  6. Glove liners – USD 5 per trip
  7. Warm mitts or gloves – USD 8 per trip
  8. Mountain/Hiking Boots – USD 20 per trip
  9. Gaiters – USD 10 per trip
  10. Socks – USD 5 per trip
  11. Walking Trousers – USD 10 per trip
  12. Thermal Bottoms – USD 10 per trip
  13. Fleece trousers – USD 10 per trip
  14. Walking T-Shirt – USD 8 per trip
  15. Hiking Shirt (Long sleeves) – USD 8 per trip
  16. Thermal top – USD 10 per trip
  17. Fleece Jacket – USD 20 per trip
  18. Down Jacket – USD 20 per trip
  19. Poncho – USD 20 per trip
  20. Rain jacket – USD 10 per trip
  21. Rain trousers – USD 10 per trip
  22. Ski jacket – USD 15 per trip
  23. Ski trousers – USD 15 per trip

Hiking Gear

  1. Day Pack – USD 35 per trip
  2. Rucksack Cover/Rain Cover – USD 5 per trip
  3. Camelbak/Water Hydration System – USD 15 per trip
  4. Water Bottle (1L) – USD 5 per trip
  5. Water bottle cover – USD 5 per trip
  6. Duffel bag – USD 20 per trip
  7. Plastic bin liner (rubbish bag) – USD 1
  8. Hand Warmers – USD 10 (non-returnable)
  9. Walking/Hiking poles (one pair) – USD 10 per trip
  10. Head Lamp – USD 10 per trip
  11. Batteries (variety) – USD 7 per pack
  12. Binoculars – USD 10 per trip
  13. Sunglasses – USD 10 per trip
  14. Ski goggles – USD 15 per trip

Camping Gear

  1. Sleeping bag – USD 35 per trip
  2. Sleeping bag liner – USD 10 per trip
  3. Foam mattress – USD 10 per trip
  4. Thermarest – USD 15 per trip
  5. Pillow – USD 10 per trip

Safety Gear

  1. Oxygen cylinder – USD 100 per trip
  2. Oxygen saturation meter – USD 30 per trip

Sizes available: Small, Medium,Large & X-large.

Rental terms and conditions applicable in Tanzania:

  1. All equipment rental is subject to demand and the availability of rental equipment or specific sizes cannot be guaranteed. To avoid disappointment it is strongly recommended that all your rental equipment is booked well in advance of your planned trip.
  2. Payment for gear in cash US $ only – no credit card or travellers check payments.

Important! Please note that NO equipment must be washed by the clients under any circumstances.