Visa & Travel Insurance

A very important aspect for any traveller, we have experts who can advice on the best way to obtain visas for almost all nationalities and in some cases are even able to get the visas for your making us the one stop shop for all your travel needs.

We at Make My Safari shall never leave you hanging. You will be well informed of all the legal needs and covers you shall require whenever you travel with us. Your Visas and Medical Covers are one of the most overlooked aspects when planning a trip however through our experienced and well-connected team, we will advise you and assist you as best as you shall ever need.

Our holiday destinations sometimes include visas especially for the Middle East countries, however, where it is not, it will be explicitly indicated and a solution or guide shall be provided.

Travel Insurance is an important element of your journey and so we suggest to all our clients to get themselves insured so that if there are any problems that you may face whilst on your trip atleast you would not need to break your savings to pay for it as we all know that medical services outside Tanzania are quite expensive. Travel Insurance also covers you for Inflight Loss of Checked in Baggage, Compensation for delay in the arrival of luggage delayed departure as well. Ofcourse all of the above have to be adhered to the terms and conditions of the insurer.